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Famous for its many breaks, Costa Rica is a world-class surfing destination for both beginner and advanced surfers. Consistent surf all year round and a variety of waves to choose from. Wether you have never been on a board before or you are looking to take your skills to the next level, our surf coaches are here to help. Beginner lessons, surf coaching and private surf trips. Local experts who know the best spots and can take you there.

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Surf Lessons & Coaching 

Beginner lessons start on land, covering the basics of water safety and board management. Afterwards, head to the waves to learn paddling, body position, reading the waves and popping up.

For intermediate surfers who would like to work on gaining speed, better positioning , wave selection, turns and more, let one of our expert coaches accompany you out to the lineup and receive instant feedback and tips. 


Board rental included 

Duration: 1 hour 

$80 per person

2 ppl - $70 per person

3+ ppl - $60 per person

Surf Trips

By boat to the reef or by car to any of the nearby local favourites. There are many different waves to surf in the area and our local guides know them all. We can customize any surf experience just for you. Share your vision and let us make the plan. 

Varied pricing 

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If you have always wanted to capture that perfect shot of you riding a wave, we also give you the option of adding a professional photographer

to your lesson or trip. Get in touch for further details. 

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